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Automatic Lighting Plan

Stack makes sure that your lighting always keeps you comfortable and sets the right mood with our Automatic Lighting Plan. Unlike “smart” bulbs, which simply provide the ability to adjust your lights from a smartphone, Stack lights naturally respond out of the box to time of day and changes to their environment by adjusting brightness, color temperature, and turning on/off based on occupancy. In time, the Stack lights' smart logic will learn how you use your home and adjust how it responds to your movements.

You can always make changes to your environment with a few taps in the Stack app to override the Automatic Lighting Plan by choosing one of the preset moods (Off, Relax, Neutral, and Focus) or using the brightness and color temperature sliders. You can return to using the Automatic Lighting Plan by choosing the Auto mood or waiting for the lights to automatically return after not sensing motion for two hours — just in case you forgot to switch them back.

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