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Room Settings

Each room can be customized with the following:

  • Room Name - Give your room a unique name to make it easier to recognize.
  • Bulbs - Depicts the number of bulbs assigned to a room. Selecting this section opens the options to add, remove, and move Stack lights.
  • Ambient Light Sensing - If the room is brightly lit by the sun, the lights will automatically dim as low as 10% to conserve energy and offer a balance of natural light.
  • Auto Mode - Alter how Stack lights adjust to the time of day during auto mode by toggling Circadian Brightness and Color on or off. Return to Auto adjusts how long the lights wait since motion was last detected to return to auto mode.
  • Sleep Mode - Nightlight can be customized to provide a soft glow and light your way when the room is asleep. Use Wake Up Time or an alarm to end your sleep mode so you can start your day with Stack lighting.
  • Occupancy Timeout - Allow Stack to adjust how long your lights stay on after you leave a room, or manually adjust the amount of time. Turning off Occupancy Timeout altogether will keep your lights on until they are manually turned off.
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