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Alarms can be set to adjust the light level at a specific time. Rather than a jarring buzzer, Stack lights can gently raise the lights over 10 minutes with Gentle Wake. Need a reminder to take a break? Set an alarm to lower light levels as a signal to relax and stretch at intervals throughout the day. Settings determined by an alarm will persist until a new alarm or schedule runs or you manually adjust your lights. 

  • Name - Gives your alarm a unique name for easier identification.
  • Repeats - Select individual days, All, or None for each alarm.
  • Rooms - Each alarm can be applied to select rooms, such as a bedroom or office.
  • Mood - Using the Stack light level presets, select a mood for each alarm.
  • Gentle Wake - Lights adjust to the selected Mood over a period of 10 minutes beginning at the set time.
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