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Schedules offer a simple way to customize light levels to address individual preferences. Similar to Alarms, you can specify periods at which light levels will change color temperature and brightness. You can even set a minimum brightness which is handy for night time. In addition, Schedules take advantage of Stack motion sensors to turn lights on when activity is detected. When activity is no longer present, the lights turn off.
  • Name - Gives your schedule a unique name for easier identification.
  • Repeats - Select individual days, All, or None for each schedule.
  • Max/Minimum Brightness - Set the upper and lower bounds for your lights' brightness and they will adjust to your environment.
  • Color Temperature - Selecting this generates a slider bar to determine the light's color used when your schedule is running.
  • Occupancy Detection - Lights will turn on when they sense occupancy and off when they sense that you've left the room. 
  • Ambient Light Sensing - If the room is lit by the sun, the lights will automatically dim according to the natural light.


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