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My hub isn't working!

If your connection is not successful, note the color of the light and follow the listed steps.

No Light - There may be no power to the hub. Ensure that the outlet has power and try again. Give the hub 2-3 minutes to boot up. If no light is seen after this period of time, check the Ethernet port for blinking lights to confirm power.

White Light - The hub hasn’t fully booted up yet – give it some more time.

Green Light - The hub is fully booted and ready to be paired! If the hub is green and can’t be paired, verify that you are able to browse the internet via the same WiFi network on your smartphone. If your internet is functioning normally, try this sequence:

    1. Turn on Airplane mode
    2. Shut down the Stack application
    3. Turn off Airplane mode
    4. Restart the Stack application
    5. Try pairing the hub once more. If unsuccessful, please contact for further assistance.

Yellow Light - The hub cannot connect to the local network. Ensure that your Ethernet cable is connected properly, and verify that your network is setup correctly or contact your network administrator.

Pink Light - The hub was successful in connecting to your network, however, it cannot connect to the internet. Ensure that your modem is able to connect to the internet. If the modem is successfully connected to the internet, please contact for further assistance.

    • A note about business systems: they often require proxy access — contact your administrator for help. 

Red Light - There may be a hardware failure. Please contact or give us a call at (844) 439-7822 and we’ll get you taken care of.

Blue Light - The hub is associated with an account and is functioning properly. Contact the administrator of the account and request to be added to their site. If you believe this is wrong, you can factory reset the hub:

  1. Tap the menu symbol ≡ in your application
  2. Click Settings, Hub Management, and then Factory Reset and Remove Home
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