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The hub isn’t able to connect to my lights!

The first things to check:

  1. Is the bulb screwed in all the way?
  2. Is the hub far away from the light that is having pairing issues? Pairing the bulbs nearer to the hub first may help.
  3. Are there multiple obstacles between the hub and the light(s) in question (walls, ceiling/floors, etc)? Some materials will limit the range of your bulbs.
  4. Are the bulbs installed on a dimmer? We have found in our field testing that the lights work well with some dimmers but not with others. We recommend swapping out your dimmer for a standard on/off switch if this is found to be the problem.
  5. Are you able to pair the lights when closer to the hub? For testing purposes you can use a standard lamp, but we recommend removing the lamp shade for motion sensing and connectivity
    • If able to pair the bulbs closer to the hub, then it is most likely a range or low signal strength issue. If this persists and is unique to a specific bulb(s), please contact us an we will replace the unit.
    • If you are unable to pair the bulbs closer to the hub, then we recommend factory resetting your Stack Downlights and trying to pair them to a room once more.
    • How to factory reset your bulbs:
      1. Place Stack bulbs in fixture(s).
      2. Turn on light switch. Leave on for 15 seconds.
      3. Toggle the fixture's light switch off/on for a total of 5 times. Leave the switch in the on position for the last toggle.
        • Example: off/on, off/on, off/on, off/on, off/on
      4. The unresponsive bulbs should strobe 3 times, confirming a successful factory reset.
      5. Your lights are now ready to be added to your room!

When assigning the lights to rooms, it is important to follow this sequence:

  1. Put the light switch in the OFF position.
  2. Open your app and navigate to the room assignment screen.
  3. Press Start to initiate the timer.
  4. Flip the switch to prompt your lights to communicate with the hub.
  5. During the timer, lights that are turned ON will be assigned to this room. The counter will rotate as it adds your lights. Once you see that all lights have joined, tap Done.
    • To verify bulb assignment, tap the room and Settings. The number of bulbs assigned to the room will be listed.


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